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Mounty - Product-development and online-shop for sports and equitation.

Our Online-Shop offers you innovative outdoor-pursuit and equestrian-sports products.  Not only for professionals but also for amateurs the world over. We are also turning our attention to other pursuits so that even yachtsmen and anglers, for example, will find our innovative products and technical solutions are easy to use.

Feel free to test any of our Mounty Products without obligation for up to 14 days!  If you are not satisfied, just return it and we will refund your money.

In our product range "Mounty Boutique" we offer a wide choice of practical aids as well as books, DVDs, jewellery  and much more... There's something for everyone, young and old alike.

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Trolley und Caddybag

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What was it you always wanted to know about ...

You will be able to investigate the views of several experienced riders and trainers on specific areas of horsemanship as set out in extracts from books and lectures, and in video demonstrations.

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Ingrid Klimke Wolfram und Brigitte Wittig


Our main point of interest is to get satisfied customers and healthy horses. In the following we present comments from our customers.

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